Locks for lockers and access control systems

A step forward in technology and high quality. Ojmar locking systems meet the highest demands for state-of-the-art facilities.

Solutions for Fitness Centres and Sports Clubs

Multi-technology, flexibility and reliability. Ojmar locks for lockers and access systems are the best option for your Sports Centre.

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Solutions for Spas, Swimming Pools and Health Resorts

Products designed and manufactured specifically for intensive use in humid environments that deliver exceptional performance.

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Solutions for Corporations

The flexibility of our systems to assign use in locker areas is an essential feature for the good functioning of this type of facilities.

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Soluciones para Corporaciones

Solutions for Universities, Colleges and Museums

Locking systems for Ojmar lockers, designed to respond to the levels of use and safety required by educational centres.

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Universidades, colegios y museos

Solutions for Hospitals and Health Centres

Precise knowledge of the use of the areas of the lockers that allows establishing actual needs, and contributes to a better optimisation of the spaces.

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Solutions for Shopping Centres

Perfect solution for both staff and customers who need to keep their belongings safe while they go shopping.

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