The ideal replacement for mechanical locking systems.


Prisma is the ideal entry level electronic lock, allowing facilities to quickly upgrade and secure their lockers, or other storage units, rather than using basic key cams or hasps.

Main features
  • Non Handed > Unit fits LH or RH doors.
  • ADA Compliant > Standard supply.
  • IP 55 Rated > High level resistance to water and dust.
  • CodeSafe > Prevents unauthorized codes being stored in unlocked position.
  • Buttons > Tactile soft touch with large, high contrast clear digits.
  • Simple installation > Easy key / hasp retrofit or new install.
            • Flexible > Lock can be switched between free or assigned mode.
            • Battery override > External power override for emergency opening.
            • LED status indicators > Shows if a lock is occupied.
            • 4 levels of code management > Master, Submaster, User, Service.
            • Battery status indicator > Gives visual battery level.


              Level 1_8 digit Master code can:
              • Open and close the lock
              • Change master code
              • Set / Change / Delete user and submaster code
              • Select private or public function
              • Activate / Deactivate service code
                    level 2_8 digit Submaster code can:
                    • Open and close the lock
                    • Change the submaster code
                    • Set / Change / Delete user code
                      level 3_4 digit User code can:
                      • Open and close the lock
                      level 4_6 digit Service Code can:
                      • Open and close the lock (without deleting user code)


                      INTERCHANGEABLE CYLINDER

                      REMOVE KEY OJMAR
                      WITH RED FOB

                      METAL MASTER KEY

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