Padlock lock. A simple and effective solution.

Designed for lockers up to 20 mm thick as well as for metal lockers.

Its robustness, high resistance to humidity and an easy to mount system offer a simple and effective solution for heavy duty use in collective installations.

Equipped with an OJMAR patented anti-rotation system.

Main features
  • Connection: screwed for wooden doors, and with nut for metal doors.
  • Rotation: 180º 
  • Closing with padlock of up to 8 mm in diameter.
  • Finishes: Chrome
  • Materials: Lock in zamak and Cam in steel.
  • Nº . of cycles: 60,000 cycles according to the LGA guidelines
  • 48 hours in salt spray test.
  • Resistance: 1000N


<b>Screw mounting, front.</b>

Screw mounting, front.

<b>Screw mounting, back.</b>

Screw mounting, back.

<b>Nut mounting, front &nbsp;&amp; Padlocks (Optional).</b>

Nut mounting, front  & Padlocks (Optional).

<b>Nut mounting, back.</b>

Nut mounting, back.


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