LOCKR® Multifunction

Coin and key locks. Flexible and functional.

Designed for intensive use in both dry and wet areas, it comes in three main product families with their corresponding varieties according to their function and type of cylinder lock.

Main features
  • 1 coin model: with return or payment
  • 2 coin model: it offers different potential applications. Coin selection, leaving 2 coins. With or without payment.
  • Card model: Use of card or combined with coin.
  • The entire Lockr. Multifunction range is manufactured with an exchangeable cylinder locker system, a safety device in the event of losing the key.
  • The anti-reservation or penalty master key function is standard in locks for wet areas.



Like the classic coin lock, the user can use the lock after inserting a coin and gets it back after putting the key in and opening the locker.
It has 3 main versions depending on whether it is used in dry or wet areas. The lock can be easily converted into a coin collecting lock, connecting a box to it (see accessories).

A versatile model that offers different solutions depending on the customers’ needs. On the one hand, members can use the temporary locker without the need for a coin but also in the case of facilities with members and occasional users the lock can combine coin activation and card activation. In this way, the member can use the locker with his/her card and occasional users with a coin.

A multifunction model that allows for multiple applications and is therefore an ideal choice for managers and users.


In black for dry and aluminium for wet environments. With a width of 21 mm and estimated capacity of 50 coins (1 euro coins).

In black for dry and aluminium for wet environments. With a width of 46 mm and estimated capacity of 100 coins (1 euro coins).

Bracelets for any key profile. Of closed, adjustable design and humidity – resistant our key bracelets are pleasant and easy to use. They come with a key protection hood.

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